3.5″ Diameter Pull Up Spheres

Model #3.5-SPH

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3.5″ Diameter Pull Up Spheres

Model #3.5-SPH


  • Polyurethane construction won’t chip or rust.
  • Rock climbing hold texture and seamless grip area.
  • Necessary hardware for mounting included.
  • Sold in pairs.


These textured spheres will take your pull up to a whole ‘nother level! Whether you saw it on American Ninja Warrior, learned from a rock climbing buddy, or know a gymnast who has used spheres for building grip strength, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you can now add this feature to your Legend Fitness Modular cage, or Continuum Series connector. It’s time to level up!

Great for building forearm and grip strength, these 3.5″ Diameter Pull Up Spheres from Legend Fitness are a great addition to a cage or half cage, or the perfect add-on to a cage connector to make another workout station.  The 3.5″ diameter is big enough to provide a challenge for athletes of all levels, but not so small that it makes for an easy time. Made from pure polyurethane, the grip area is seamless and textured like a rock climbing grip.

Sold as a set of two. Only compatible with the 3221-NP2 Custom Nameplate Crossmember for Pro Series cages and the Continuum Modular Bar connectors.

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