Continuum Lifting Station

Model #3903

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Continuum Lifting Station

Model #3903


  • The basic unit upon which all Continuum rigs are built.
  • Consists of two uprights, one pull-bar crossmember, and two Beefy J-Hooks.
  • Hooks are fully welded from five pieces and feature a one-inch solid racking pin.
  • Two-inch hole spacing and laser-cut numbering.
  • Compatible with Performance Series accessories, greatly expanding the versatility of the system.


Build your own rig network!

Formerly known as the Wall-Mount Quarter Cage, the 3903 is now the basic unit in an expandable system of cages that is an economical and modular solution in racking systems. Constructed of the same 3×3-inch steel tubing as our Performance Series cages, the 3903 features 2-inch hole spacing, laser-cut racking numbers, a 42-inch pull-up bar and a pair of Beefy J-Hooks with solid 1-inch racking pins. Overall, a fantastic solution for those looking to outfit a garage gym on a budget, for boxes that need a simple racking system or for those that need an expandable system that can grow with their facility’s needs.

A variety of side-to-side and front-to-back connectors in different lengths allows the 3903 to still be mounted to a wall for space-conscious floor plans or allows a pair of 3903s to be paired back-to-back to create the ever-expanding Continuum System.

Textured Black is the recommended finish for all pull-up bars of this system, as it offers more friction and grip than the usual glossy powder coat finishes. Changing the powder coat finish of Continuum Cage crossmembers to anything other than Textured Black will incur a Two Tone finishing charge.

NOTE: Model number 3903 consists of two uprights, one 4-foot standard pull-up bar/crossmember, and two Beefy J-Hooks. Wall mounts and cage-to-cage crossmembers must be purchased separately. See the Continuum Rig System Options page for more information. Must be solidly secured to structural elements. Must be bolted to the floor and to a solid structural element or another Continuum unit.

3903 Continuum Lifting Station Dimensions

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