Core Spider

Model #3311

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Core Spider

Model #3311


  • Semi-circular handles for mounting/dismounting, also serves as anchor points for resistance bands.
  • Two footbox designs to choose from: open or closed.
  • Wheeled footbox eases adjustment for leg length, and eases movement about the weight room.
  • All telescoping surfaces are chrome plated for scratch resistance.
  • Supplied with an instructional poster detailing various exercises.
  • Fully welded frame for maximum rigidity, strength, and durability.


Despite looking like an escapee from a 1950’s sci-fi flick, this is actually an extremely versatile device for core training. Plop a large balance ball on the platform, set the distance of the footplate, adjust the generously padded ankle rollers and get those abdominals burning!

Wide stance legs with rubber footing keep things as stable as they can be, while semi-circular handles make ingress/egress easy with an additional measure of safety and also serve as anchor points for resistance tubing. Completely adjustable to accommodate all body shapes and sizes, and ease of adjustment is facilitated through wheels mounted at the base of the foot plate assembly.

Fully welded construction features industrial strength pop pins, aluminum diamondplate ball platform, removable ball cradle and a diamondplate foot plate. All pop pin adjustable areas are chrome-plated to minimize scratching and scoring. Very durable and solid as a rock.

Optional ball brace available. Balance ball not included.

A full-size, Core Spider Exercises poster is delivered with the Core Spider to assist users in how to get the most out of this versatile unit. The poster can also be downloaded in PDF format from ourĀ Resources page.

3311 Core Spider Dimensions


There is a blog post about this unique product. You can read it here.

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