Dip/Chin/Push-Up Station

Model #3128

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Dip/Chin/Push-Up Station

Model #3128


  • Wide and neutral grip pull-up bar.
  • Beefy rounded dip handles.
  • Elevated push-up handles.
  • Fully welded frame for maximum rigidity, strength and durability.


The Dip/Chin Station keeps it simple and appeals to those who still enjoy the primal, effective, back-to-basics workouts. A single welded piece of three-inch tubing, the Dip/Chin/Push-Up Station is your personal tower of power.

That fully-welded solidity makes a difference when you are pulling on the multiple pull-up grips or pushing on the dip handles. There’s also elevated push-up handles to give you greater range of motion than doing push-ups on the floor.

All handles have foam rubber grips and there are non-slip surfaces on the step-up tubing.

3128 Dip/Chin/Push-Up Station Dimensions

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