Performance Series Power Station

Model #3171

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Performance Series Power Station

Model #3171


  • Open top for overhead barbell work.
  • Two pull-up bars, one is 1¼-inch in diameter, the other is 2 inches in diameter.
  • Inside dimensions measure 42 x 57¾ inches.
  • Each side is a single welded piece for the ultimate in rigidity.
  • Also available in a wide stance version as 3171-WS.
  • Chrome plated, Olympic peg weight storage.
  • 2-inch hole spacing with laser-cut numbering.


The Power Station is a variation on the usual cage theme. Designed to allow unrestricted overhead barbell work, the Fat Bar Power Station is a 3133 Power Cage with maximum headroom. One pull-up bar is 1¼ inch in diameter, the other is the 2 inch Fat Bar for increasing grip strength. Constructed with 3-inch, 11 gauge tubing with a durable powder coat finish, the 3171 is ready to suspend the weight of your choice. Features include chrome-finished, welded weight storage and the strongest welded J-hooks in the industry. Open top design gives you all the headroom you need for overhead exercises. Extra versatility is afforded in that all hole spacing is two inches center-to-center.

3171 Performance Series Power Station Dimensions

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