Ground Spikes

Model #7021-S

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Ground Spikes

Model #7021-S


  • Ground Spikes foot stomp allows teams to easily lower them when required.
  • Accessory is great for teams who need extra assistance weighing sled down.
  • Can be used in conjunction with any other available scrum sled accessory.
  • Spikes can be utilized on any Rhino Rugby Scrum sled.


Two Ground Spikes can be installed to the left and right side of any Rhino Rugby scrum sled. When lowered, the spikes make it so there is little to no sliding of the sled. This is preferred by teams who want a stiffer scrum engage or minimal to no scrum movement. The 2016 spike design also includes an added prong from previous years designs. This gives the accessory extra resistance against strong packs.

Available in black only.

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Attention Canadian customers: if your school district policy requires you to buy from a Canadian company, please ask us to introduce you to one of our Canadian dealers.

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