Modular Push/Pull Sled

Model #3400

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Modular Push/Pull Sled

Model #3400


  • Three-tier handles allow for power/core strength in three different stances.
  • Front eyelets for web handles or belt straps.
  • Link up to seven of them together.


Designed to be the most versatile and value-packed sled on the market. Build stronger linemen and more explosive runners with this multi-faceted device!

Three tiers of pushing handles allow the user to work on power and core strength in three different stances. The top handle is for speed work, while the two lower handles help linemen develop power down low. Then, attach a belt to the eyelets on the front for running and lunging exercises. For more variety, involve the upper body with web handles linked to the front eyelets!

Up to seven of these multi-faceted sleds can be rigidly linked together to get an entire defensive line ready for the season opener!

Two Olympic-size, chrome-plated weight pegs allow the user to change the center of balance and keep plates from shifting about.

Belt, web handles and weights not included.

This product was featured in a blog post, which you may read here.


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