Partner Glute/Ham Developer

Model #3350

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Partner Glute/Ham Developer

Model #3350


  • Double top-stitched 32 oz. vinyl upholstery snugly stretched over dense open cell foam.
  • Web strap carry handle.
  • Rubber feet for traction.


The most affordable posterior chain training tool on the market. Period.

As Louie Simmons and Dr. Yessis have attested, one of the most important areas for athletes to train is the posterior chain, which includes hamstrings, glutes, lower back and abdominals. The reason is that this is where the athlete gets his running speed, acceleration, power and jumping ability – and what sport doesn’t need that?

Sadly, this area is under-trained, as evidenced by the frequent hamstring and back injuries. Glute/Ham Developers provide focused training on the critical posterior chain muscle groups, but they are out of reach of many as they cost hundreds of dollars.

Enter the Partner Glute/Ham Developer. By substituting the footplate and rollers with your coach or training partner and by eliminating the frame altogether, we have greatly reduced the material cost but kept the essentials that give the user a very intense workout.

Already in use by several FBS programs, the Partner Glute/Ham Developer is the most attractive option in the industry for those with limited budgets and/or those that are looking to purchase in large volumes.

3350 Partner Glute/Ham Developer GHD Dimensions

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