Pro Series Lat/Low Row Combo

Model #971

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Pro Series Lat/Low Row Combo

Model #971


  • Designed for minimal effort in transitioning between pulldowns/rows.
  • Extra large, 300-pound weight stack.
  • Direct pull 1:1 pulley ratio.
  • 38.25-inch long seat to accommodate users of all heights.
  • Supplied with wide grip lat bar and vee grip row handle.


Legend’s versatile solution for providing blazing back workouts, allowing you to switch from a low row to a lat pulldown without having to disconnect handles or switch positions. Just swap the knee rollers for the foot plates and you’re ready to go. Provided with a big 300-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments, the 971 is a member of our Pro Series line of heavy-duty performers.

There is a blog post featuring this item. Read it here.

971 PRO SERIES Lat/Low Row Combo Dimensions

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