Pro Style Top Crossmember for Continuum

Model #3903-42FC

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Pro Style Top Crossmember for Continuum

Model #3903-42FC


  • Arched frame offers additional clearance for taller users to perform pull-ups.
  • Wide grip pull-up bar is complemented by individual neutral grips.
  • Foam rubber grips on pull-up bars increase safety and comfort.
  • Diameter of pull-up bars expanded to a super thick 1.5-inch-diameter for a more substantial grip
  • With its angled design, the Pro Style Top adds to the aesthetic appeal of your Continuum rig setup.


Aside from making any of our Continuum rigs look even better than they already do, the Pro Style Top Crossmember option mimics the standard top crossmember offered on Pro Series cages while adding wide grip/neutral grip pull-up versatility. Also pre-drilled to accept Swivel Pull-Up Handles.

Fully welded from 3×3-inch, 11 gauge steel. When ordered, this option substitutes the standard crossmember normally supplied with the 3903.

NOTE: Adds four inches to the height of the Continuum Rig System uprights. Not interchangeable with Performance SeriesĀ 3256 Pro Style Top Crossmember.

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