Seated Low Back/Abdominal Combo

Model #957

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Seated Low Back/Abdominal Combo

Model #957


  • Weight stack accessible from the exercise position.
  • Seat belt for stability.
  • Fully upholstered rollers.
  • Single pop pin switches between exercises.


So you’re not easily impressed! That will all change after using the Low Back/Ab Combo. Our designers took the challenge… refined geometry, improved ergonomics and an obsessive dedication to our mantra: form¬†follows function! Just ask your abs and low back about the improvement in core strength. Now featuring foam rubber-coated grab handles underneath the leading edge of the seat to assist the user in maintaining the proper form while working with heavier loads.

Equipped with a 300-pound weight stack in 20-pound increments, with an upgrade to 400 pounds available.

957 Seated Low Back/Abdominal Combo Dimensions

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