SelectEDGE Calf Extension

Model #1111

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SelectEDGE Calf Extension

Model #1111


  • Steel footplate articulated via high-load pillow block bearings.
  • Extra long grab handles.
  • Seat back adjusts for user thigh length.
  • Partially hidden, aviation-grade cables.
  • 240-pound weight stack is standard, upgrades available.
  • Effort reduction minimized for better weight feel.


The SelectEDGE Calf Extension offers a robust, seated workout for the lower legs of all user types, featuring a deep, ergonomically angled seat pad with adjustable seat back, grab handles with high quality closed-cell grips and an 18-inch wide footbar with a grippy surface. Serious weightlifters will appreciate the 240-pound weight stack, though you can upgrade to 300- or 400-pound stacks for the real serious lifters) and the effort placed on minimizing pulley reduction so that pushing 100 pounds feels a lot like actually lifting 100 pounds. The cable is partially hidden within the frame for a clean look, and the modular tower plus functional design is consistent in profile with the rest of the range while making servicing and maintenance easier.

Two-tone upholstery is standard, as is American quality and customer service.

1111 SelectEDGE Calf Extension


More About This Product


  • Two-Tone Upholstery (no-cost option)
  • 300 lb Weight Stack Upgrade (20 lb plates)
  • 400 lb Weight Stack Upgrade (20 lb plates)
  • Custom Logo Embroidery
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