SelectEDGE Leg Extension/Curl Combo

Model #1125

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SelectEDGE Leg Extension/Curl Combo

Model #1125


  • Weight stack is accessible from the exercise position.
  • Seat back adjusts for leg length.
  • Multiple starting positions.
  • Adjustable thigh pad.
  • Simple pop pin adjustments switch between exercises.


The SelectEDGE Leg Extension/Curl Combo makes working quads and hamstrings easy–one machine works both muscle groups with a quick set of smooth adjustments. It’s effective and space-saving, all in one sleek SelectEDGE package.

In addition to modern styling, the SelectEDGE Leg Extension/Curl Combo offers smooth movements, plenty of adjustability, and easy access to the weight stack, making it a breeze to use. It comes with a hefty 250-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments. Available in our multitude of powder coat color options with two-tone upholstery standard, this combo machine will fit perfectly in any gym.

1125 SelectEDGE Leg Extension/Curl Combo
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