SelectEDGE Rear Delt/Pec Fly Combo

Model #1121

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SelectEDGE Rear Delt/Pec Fly Combo

Model #1121


  • Fully articulated handles adjust to user arm length.
  • Choose from one of eight handle starting positions.
  • Partially hidden aviation-grade cabling.
  • Mechanically assisted seat adjustment.
  • 240 pound weight stack is standard, upgrade available.


A premium device for working the front and back of the upper torso and shoulders. Hop on the height-adjustable, contoured seat pad, adjust the articulated arms for the desired range of motion, and get to work! Switching between pec flys and rear delt exercises requires only two simple and quick pop pin adjustments. Handles are properly positioned for each exercise and finished off with closed cell grips with polished end caps. Aviation-grade cabling glides across PowerMax pulleys with shielded bearings.

Supplied with a 240-pound weight stack as standard, in 20-pound increments, but with 2:1 pulley reduction the effort is reduced by half. Upgrade the weight stack to 300 pounds for more serious lifters. Most of the moving bits are fully enclosed within a durable shroud that completes the sleek, contemporary design.

Made in the USA, with two-tone upholstery available as a no-cost option.

There is a blog post focusing on this product. Read it here.

1121 SelectEDGE Rear Delt/Pec Fly Combo Dimensions



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