SelectEDGE Seated Mid-Row

Model #1103

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SelectEDGE Seated Mid-Row

Model #1103


  • Extra large C-shaped handles for multiple grip positions.
  • Chest pad adjusts for user arm length.
  • Mechanically assisted seat adjustment.
  • 240-pound weight stack is standard, upgrade available.
  • Effort reduction minimized for better weight feel.


For the middle back, the SelectEDGE line offers the proven seated mid-row. Four-position handles allow users to target different muscles and increase comfort for those with prior injury. Cables are largely hidden within the framework, and the comfy pads have enough adjustable range to accommodate most users.

A 240-pound weight stack in 20-pound increments with five-pound adder plates is the standard arrangement, as is two-tone upholstery (choose from 85 colors). A 300-pound weight stack upgrade is available as well, also with 20-pound increments.

1103 SelectEDGE Seated Midrow

More About This Product


  • Two-Tone Upholstery (no-cost option)
  • 300 lb Weight Stack Upgrade (20 lb plates)
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