SelectEDGE Torso Rotation

Model #1116

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SelectEDGE Torso Rotation

Model #1116


  • Partially hidden, aviation-grade cables.
  • Thick upholstered knee pad for added comfort.
  • Extra-long grab handles for any size user.
  • Easy pop pin adjustment.


The SelectEDGE Torso Rotation was built to offer more versatility with five knee pad starting positions and extra long grab handles to accommodate users of all statures. Simply set your starting position, select your weight, kneel on the pad and grab the handles, and then start rotating to a stronger core.

But why kneeling instead of sitting? Being in the kneeling position helps encourage better posture during reps, which is better for your spine.

With a 150-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments, the SelectEDGE Torso Rotation is suitable for users of all levels, though a weight stack upgrade is available should it be needed.

1116 SelectEDGE Torso Rotation


Like all other SelectEDGE pieces, the Torso Rotation comes standard with sleek styling thanks to mandrel bent tubing and two-tone upholstery, making it easy to customize it to fit in any gym or fitness club environment.

There is a flyer available for this product. You can download it here.


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