Standing Bicep/Tricep Combo

Model #946

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Standing Bicep/Tricep Combo

Model #946


  • Seamless exchange between curls and pulldowns.
  • Steel stack shrouds.
  • Aviation-grade cable.
  • Glass-reinforced nylon pulleys prolong cable life.


Bid adieu to the notion that simple is easy. Hands down, the Bicep/Tricep Combo rules. No adjustments are needed and no cable changes required. Start with Triceps 101… pushdowns using the tried and true tricep rope. After a few reps your triceps will be screaming as they yearn for a rest. Next come standing arm curls. Grab hold of the revolving chrome-plated bar and start working. The functional simplicity and superiority are self evident. Performance without compromise, period.

NOTE: This machine features 2:1 reduction, meaning that any selected weight will feel lighter by half due to an additional pulley between the user and the weight stack.

Supplied with 150-pound weight stack (composed of 10-pound plates), but 200-pound and 250-pound weight stack upgrades are available.

946 Standing Bicep/Tricep Combo Dimensions

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