Suspension Training Rig Extension

Model #3905-10

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Suspension Training Rig Extension

Model #3905-10


  • For use with suspended body weight training systems, such as TRX, etc.
  • Fully welded upright.
  • Threaded eyelets every 12 inches provide attachment points.
  • Requires the 3905 Suspension Training Rig.


In case the ten-foot length of the basic 3905 isn’t long enough, you can keep adding more space for more athletes in ten-foot increments! Essentially, this product number represents an additional cross beam and upright. Each 3905-10 adds 10 ft. 3 in.

As with the 3905, the ten foot cross beam is made from 2 3/8-inch diameter steel pipe, with ½-inch holes every 12 inches. A-frame upright is fully welded and features its own attachment points.

3905 Suspension Training Rig Dimensions

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