Suspension Training Rig

Model #3905

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Suspension Training Rig

Model #3905


  • For use with suspended body weight training systems, such as TRX, etc.
  • Each upright is fully welded.
  • Screw-in eyelets every 12 inches provide attachment points.
  • Total footprint required – 6 ft. x 10.5 ft.
  • Additional 10-ft. extensions sold separately as product number 3905-10.


It’s not a swing set in need of swings and children; it’s Legend’s take on a frame system for use with suspended body weight training systems, such as TRX, Jungle Gym XT, etc. Overbuilt for stability and reliability, each upright is fully welded in the Legend tradition, with fasteners only being used to connect the cross beams to the uprights. The 10-foot cross beam is made from 2 3/8-inch diameter steel pipe, with ½-inch holes every 12 inches. Screw-in eyelets on the cross beam and uprights provide attachment points for your strap system of choice. Total footprint required is 6 feet by 10½ feet.

3905 Suspension Training Rig Dimensions

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