Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Model #3181

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Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Model #3181


  • Single piece of welded steel.
  • Round 1.25-inch diameter bar.
  • Available in all of our standard powder coat finishes.


Simplicity itself. Just a robust, round-handled bar that you bolt to the studs in your wall for the king of the common man exercises – the pull-up.

If you think about it, the pull-up or chin-up is a pretty remarkable exercise. The upper body is isolated with the task of lifting the entire body off the ground, through the full range of an arm curl. Everybody knows what it is, but not everybody can do one. Especially from a dead hang. So, to show that imaginary drill sergeant that you’re up to the task, bolt this to any available wall for impromptu, hardcore upper-body drills.

Comes as a single, fully welded item. Powder coated in your choice of finish.

3181 Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar Dimensions

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